Taranissia. A world once vibrant with life, it is slowly being strangled by the No-God’s presence.


Taranissia is comprised of several countries and climates, all residing on one large landmass. The continent is bounded on the North by the Frozen Wastes, to the South by the Great Southron Sea, to the West by the Crystal Desert, and to the East by the Moreon Salt Flats. Little is known about the area past these four boundaries, although rumors have it that nomadic tribes live the harsh glare of the Crystal Desert and that there is a large island kingdom adrift on the Southron Sea.

The central part of the continent is quite large and consists mainly of temporate forests, rolling plains, and a few mountainous regions. Most of these regions are inhabited to some degree, usually by a federation of townships or actual kingdoms, although some areas are still untamed wilderness. Of the inhabited regions, Volda in the North-West corner has the largest human population. To the East, separated by the Bariss Forest, lay various “free cities” who form a kind of trade hub between Volda and other regions. The largest of these is Uzlow, which seems to have a slight problem.

South-East of Uzlow the terrain begins to get more hilly. It is here that the various Halfling towns and villages can be found. Although typically independent, they have been known to unite against mutual threats, and are able to field an unexpectedly potent militia-like army.

Further South Halfling Hills lies a small mountain range, which has been home to a handful of Dwarven clans for time out of mind. Entrenched in the veritable labyrinth of tunnels deep inside the mountains, the Dwarves have little fear of invasion. And for their part, they seem more than happy perfecting their crafts, trading goods and services for supplies and raw materials.

As one travels South through the Barris Forest, the land dips lower and lower and becomes wetter and wetter, until it becomes the Mott Swamp. A product of low ground and the nearby Lake Ess to the East, Mott Swamp is dank, dark, and dangerous. On its Western edge there is a small village, also called Mott, whose inhabitants tend to avoid traveling too deep inside the swamp. Although one family is rather fond of it.


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