The No-God

An ancient, malevolent entity, the No-God is the antithesis the Gods and its very existence on the Material Plane is a crime against nature. Since its summoning 15 years ago, nearly every woman has become barren, and those that are not have had nothing but stillborn children. Referred to in ancient texts as the “Womb Plague,” this infertility reaches across all races, affecting almost every intelligent species. The No-God has yet to move against the world of Taranissia, or even to move from its place of summoning deep in the heart of Mount Kandia. But even so, its mere presence ensures that eventually all sentient life forms will be wiped out.


What little is known about the No-God has been gathered from scraps of ancient writings. Historians speak of a civilization which was old when Man first walked upright, and whose least mage rivaled the power of the greatest in modern times. However, these ancient people, known as the Cenerians, were also depraved hedonists the likes of which the world has thankfully not known since. And while the Cenerians were willfully hedonistic, they were not oblivious to the consequences of their lifestyle. Indeed they were all too aware that the depraved acts they committed in life ensured them a tortuous existence after death. Instead of changing their ways, the Cenerians devised a plan to save themselves from their punishment. And thus the No-God was born.

The few surviving histories that refer to the Cenerian civilization are vague and contradictory on exactly how the No-God came about. Some claim that it was intentionally created by Cenerians using terrible magics that have been lost to time. Others say it was in fact born of their dark wills, the same way some theories claim the Gods are manifestations of their believers faith. Finally, some believe that the No-God has always existed, but that the Cenerians were the first people wicked enough to fuel its rise to power. Whatever the method of its creation, the purpose behind the No-God was clear: eradicate every deity so that the Cenerians could live their lives without fear of retribution in the afterlife. To do so, the Cenerians would see the worshipers of every deity wiped from the world.

Of all the mysteries the Cenerians left behind, the most frustrating is that of their defeat. The ancient texts all agree that they were defeated, for how else could we still be here? But When, by Whom, and most importantly How have all been lost to the mists of time.

Powers and Effects

The No-God acts as a lodestone of power and its presence has had several tangible and intangible effects on reality.

Black Despair

All on Taranissia feel the presence of the No-God, regardless of their location, as a sense of dread niggling in the back of their minds. By concentrating for a moment, it is possible to bring this feeling to the forefront of your mind and focus on its cause. This allows you to sense the distance and direction between yourself and the No-God. Only the brave and the foolish use this ability casually, however, as focusing on the dread presence can be a draining experience.
(All PCs gain this ability in future time. Make a Concentration check vs DC 10 to gain the benefits of the Discern Location spell(PH 222) focusing on the No-God. Then make a Will save vs DC 12 or be shaken for 3 rounds)

Ineffable Mind

The No-God is a being wholly unknowable. While its presence allows the daring to scry on it with ease, such scrying tends to be detrimental to the casters health and sanity. So much so that, after his three best diviners were reduced to gibbering imbeciles, [[:King Volda]] issued a ban on any attempts to remotely monitor the No-God.
(Any attempt to scry on the No-God, or Mount Kandia in general, is dangerous to the user. Caster must make a Will save or fail the scry attempt and suffer from the Insanity spell (PH ???))

Divine Antithesis Aura

As its very purpose is to bring about the destruction of the Gods, it should be no wonder that the No-God’s presence disrupts the flow of divine power. Clerics and other divine spellcasters have a harder time connecting to the source of their powers, making spells harder to cast. Currently, the No-God’s aura extends to cover all of Mount Kandia, although as his power increases the area affected by the Aura does as well.
(Any divine caster in the range of the Divine Antithesis Aura must make a caster check for every spell as if overcoming Spell Resistance, regardless of if that spell is affected by SR, or else the spell fails.)

Womb Plague

The most obvious effect of the No-God’s presence, and by far the most devastating, the Womb Plague alone is enough to merit the No-God’s destruction. Since its summoning, the birth rate for all intelligent creatures on Taranissia has dropped to zero. If enough time passes without his being stopped, the No-God can wipe out all civilization without ever leaving the depths of Mount Kandia.
(This power has no real affect in-game, other than ensuring the PCs never get pregnant. You should be more focused saving the world than having unprotected sex anyways.)


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