Rise of the No-God

The Story so Far
With sections for Past and Future

The Past

The Party (which was already formed), traveled to the Kingdom of Volda, following rumors of a mysterious cult. Said rumors brought the Party to the base of Mount Kandia, and the yawning mouth of a cave. Following a well lit tunnel/hallway led the Party to a room deep underground. Here they were laid low by a robed figure who spoke of the Birth of the Apocalypse.

The Future

Awakening in a large clearing in a forest, the Party slowly regains their senses, and discover that they appear to have aged by several years. Before they can discover more, a large horde of undead surround the clearing. Before the zombies can reach the Party, a bright light shines from the East, turning several undead to dust and opening a path for the Party. A mysterious person shouts for the party to follow them, and leads their escape from the horde. The stranger introduces herself as Aluna Lashie, and tells the Party that she was sent to bring the them back to her temple.

Once at the Temple, the Party are ushered into a sitting room, and are introduced to the Archbishop. He explains that the Party has been brought nearly 15 years into the future by Divine aid, for the purpose of defeating the No-God. To do so, they must find a way to [[Back to the Past | return to the past] in their current form and prevent His summoning.

Archbishop Morn says that he has been shown a ritual that can let the party move between their Past and Future selves, but cautions them that their actions in the Past may have unforeseen consequences in the Future.


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