Tieronius Morn

Archbishop of the Temple of the Rising Sun


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Organization: Temple of the Rising Sun
Age: 56
Hair: Grey, some Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 175 lbs

Wears a white smock with a large golden sun-burst stitched on the chest. His hair is held back by a golden circlet with the sun-burst prominent on his forehead. In the center of the sun-burst is a diamond which glows with an inner light. His grey beard is braided in the Dwarven manner, and hangs to his chest.


Tieronius Morn has a long life, the majority of which he has spent spreading Pelor’s light. After making Journeyman at the Temple of the Rising Sun, Tieronius spent nearly two decades traveling throughout Volda and the surrounding countries. He spent several years with the Dwarf clans far to the south-east, and picked up many of their customs. Eventually he returned to the Temple of the Rising Sun to teach new initiates. Four years after the Rise of the No-God, the previous Archbishop died and Tieronius was elected as his successor.

Tieronius took a special interest in Aluna, sensing the strength of her conviction even at a young age. (Not Finished!!)

Tieronius Morn

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